What Are Tape Extensions?

Dec 17 , 2018

tape extensionsTape extensions are a type of hair extension that adheres to directly to your natural hair. The extensions themselves are small, thin wefts. Essentially, tape extensions and your natural hair are “sandwiched” together. Gaining popularity, tape extensions are widely used in replacement of traditional weaves and wefts. Many people turn to the use of them as a means to recover their look from thinning hair, or just to simply have an easy way to elongate their natural hair.

As far as the bonding technology is concerned, there are a few different types of adhesives used in this type of extensions. Gel-based, heat bonded, polyurethane tape and keratin adhesive are all common in attaching the extensions to your natural hair—just to name a few.

The 4 Top Reasons Why Tape Extensions Work Best

-No headaches: Unlike traditionally sewn wefts, there’s no pulling, tugging, or tightening to achieve your sought-after look. It has become a known fact that hair weaves, when done incorrectly, can cause hair tangling and matting, a loss of luster, and in serious cases, dermatitis, allergic reactions, infections, and headaches.

With tape in extensions, you can skip the headaches—literally. They are easily applied with adhesive and have no negative effect on the overall health of your hair, skin, or scalp.

-Limitless Styles: There are endless ways to style tape extensions because high-quality ones are made from real hair. Curling, straightening, hair ties, and product can be used on tape extensions without fear of damaging them.

-Cost Effective Choice: Tape extensions are one of the best and inexpensive investments you can make. At a low cost, you can have semi-permanent extensions that with proper maintenance can last several weeks. Cutting out the expense of a pricey salon and installing them yourself will save you money in the long run.

-A Long Lifetime: This type of extension can last 6-8 weeks when properly cared for and maintained. After purchasing your hair extensions, be sure to follow the care instructions on the packaging to guarantee its lifetime.

Use Tape Hair Extensions for a Natural Look

When going to purchase your tape hair extensions, be sure to select them based on quality. The higher the quality, the longer they will last, and the more natural the extensions will look when you wear them. Be sure to go for known brands with reviews to back up their products—an unknown manufacturer may source their hair from unnatural or synthetically processed resources, leaving you with extensions that might be attractively cheap, but don’t blend with the rest of your hair.

Tape extensions are an excellent alternative for many, with their easy application and low cost, anyone can have fabulous hair in under an hour. And while you can have them applied in a salon, they can also be done yourself, saving you even more money. With their ability to last several weeks, tape extensions are perfect for those wanting a semi-permanent, professional and natural looking extensions without paying high-end salon costs. SHOP NOW! Shop with Best Tape Extensions

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