Dec 17 , 2018

If men suffer from hair loss, women struggle with thinning eyebrows. Though there are conditions that may cause this, it may also be because of earlier trends to pluck them. Unfortunately, overdoing it will eventually lead to the eyebrows permanently thinning out.  

Of course, many women choose to use brow pencils or powders to thicken their eyebrows daily, but they are not only tedious, they also do not really look like the real thing. Some people might also prefer to have something that lasts a little longer. Here are some new ways that have recently been developed to address those thinning eyebrows.  

  1. Permanent Make-Up
  This is actually a cosmetic tattoo that is done on the eyebrow area to give it a fuller but natural appearance. This is a completely pain-free procedure although there is a healing time to be expected. Afterward, you will have the natural looking eyebrows you are aiming for, without needing to do the daily filling in with make-up.  
  1. Brow Thickening Fibers
  Think of this option as mascara for the eyebrows. A set will contain a brow wax, brow thickening fibers, and even a brush. These fibers will attach to your existing eyebrow hairs to make it look thicker. The wax, on the other hand, helps shape these fibers so that they look fuller and more natural. The brush can be used to fix the shape of the eyebrows. The result is thicker looking eyebrows.  
  1. Brow Extensions
  Not only do brow extensions make your eyebrows look thicker, but they are also real strands of hair. As with hair extensions, they are then attached to existing ones on your eyebrows. The advantage is that it looks and feels real, and they are only temporary, lasting up to three weeks. It is then a good option for those who just want something temporary to wait for some real hair to grow, or at least remove the need to fill in with brow pencils daily. You just need to take care of them by not getting them wet, especially when washing your hair.  
  1. Powder Coverage
  The same powder used to cover gray areas of the head may also be used to thicken eyebrows. They will create the same effect, thickening the eyebrows with fibers that look like the real thing. This is also a non-permanent solution because it will remain until you use shampoo to remove it. The advantage of this option is that it is easy to find the right shade that will match your exact eyebrow color.  
  1. Eyebrow Serum

  The last option to thicker eyebrows is to stimulate the growth of hair follicles so new hair will grow by using an eyebrow serum. It also makes your existing hair stronger to promote new growth.  

Thanks to the advancement of beauty technology, there is no longer a need to suffer thinning eyebrows or spending time daily to cover it up. From fully permanent options like tattoos to semi-permanent ones like extensions, there are ways to naturally thickening your brows and keeping up with the newest trend of full eyebrows.

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