Dec 17 , 2018

It is never a good idea to brush your hair when it's wet. If you just came from a shower, it's not advisable to brush it right away because wet hair is very brittle. It's tangled and prone to breakage. If you force a brush through your hair you might end up ruining your growing locks and increasing the chances of split ends.  

But brushing wet hair can't be helped because not a lot of us have time to spare before going to school or work. It just takes too long if you wait for your hair to be dry before brushing it. So to at least lessen the damaging effects of brushing wet hair, here are brushing techniques that you can do.  

  1. Brushing hair straight from the shower is a no-no
  Before you leave the shower, make sure to remove excess water from your hair. It not only prevents you from making a mess in the bathroom, but it also helps you tame your hair when you comb it. To add to that, while there isn't always enough time to fully dry your hair, spare at least 5-10 minutes before running a comb down your locks. Air dry it by facing a fan and use your hands to comb soaking wet hair.  
  1. Comb the right way
  There is a proper way of combing your hair and it's not starting from your roots. When you start from the scalp, you would have to brush through every tangle you have and force your way down to your roots. This only breaks your hair strands and causes split ends. The right way of combing your hair is to start from the tips, gently removing the tangles, and brushing in short segments. Work your way up until you reach your scalp. You can only start from the roots if all tangles are removed.  
  1. Use the right tools
  If you have wet hair, never ever brush your hair using a padded brush or a flat brush. The best tool to use is a comb with teeth far apart from each other. This kind of brush is gentle to wet strands and it helps detangle some strands from each other. However, if you encounter a large lump of knots in your hair, use your fingers to gently untangle them.  
  1. Apply products that help take care of tangles
  Wet hair often has tangles in them. To help you handle these tangles, you can use products like a leave-in conditioner or a hair oil that will help you comb away those tangles. They moisturize your hair as well so your strands don't easily break. Apply this before you comb your hair.  
  1. Focus on the bonds for wet hair extensions
  When you are combing wet hair extensions, extra care is needed in brushing the bonds. The hair extensions won't be damaged when you brush improperly because technically they do not grow from your scalp. What gets damaged are the bonds of the extensions. So when you brush them, gently glide over them so they won't break.

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