Things You Need to Know Before Applying Tape Hair Extensions

Dec 17 , 2018

tape-in hair extensionsIf there are clip-ins, sew-ins, and micro-link hair extensions, then there is also tape hair extensions. Tape hair extensions make use of pre-taped material on the tip of the hair extensions that are glued using a special tool that heats up the glue and applies it to the tape. This sounds a little bit tricky as compared to clip-ins, but this kind of hair extensions can last for at least 4 weeks.

Tape Hair Extensions: What Do I Need To Do?

Tape hair extensions are more complicated than clip-ons and micro-links, so it's best that you have an idea of what you're getting yourself into. At the same time, you want to know the preparation needed in order for the extensions to stay longer on your hair.
  1. Use a special shampoo and conditioner.

The thing about tape hair extensions is that they can slip from your hair if your natural hair is too smooth and silky (not that it's a bad thing). But to avoid losing your hair extensions, use a clarifying shampoo that makes your hair smooth but doesn't make it too oily that will cause your hair extensions to slide off.

It's also nice to have dry shampoo at the ready for the times that you need to clean your hair. Since you won't be removing the tape extensions when you take a bath, you shouldn't wash your hair every single day because it will lessen the stickiness of the tape. Instead, a dry shampoo is better to apply so that you don't always wet your hair. While you're at it, only choose hair products that are sulfate-free so it doesn't damage both the natural hair and the extensions.

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  1. You need a professional to attach them.
Sure, you can try DIY, but it's not recommended at all. This is because tape hair extensions use a special tool that will attach the tape to your roots so that it doesn't fall off. The process often starts with washing your hair using a special shampoo and conditioner, blow-drying it until it's dry, and then using the heating tool to put the tape on your hair. The placing of the hair extensions usually forms a sandwich to your natural hair. This means that your natural hair is in between two strips of tape hair extensions. The whole process takes at least 40 minutes to an hour.
  1. Use a wet brush.

If you want to get rid of tangles, using a wet brush helps in taking them out minus all the hair damage. Avoid using your fingers to tear apart the strands of hair because you might just tear apart the tape. Instead, use a wet brush and start from the bottom (also to avoid split ends) and work your way up your hair.

Tape hair extensions might sound complicated, but the good thing about this is that you don't have to apply it yourself. A professional hairdresser can help you have a natural-looking set of hair extensions that can even blend with the color of your hair. The only thing you have to think about now is how to maintain that gorgeous hair to last for more than 4 weeks.

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