How Men and Women Use Hair Powders to Cover Balding

Dec 17 , 2018

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Both men and women can suffer from balding and hair loss. It can be traumatic and disheartening, especially when you no longer feel like yourself when looking into a mirror. Luckily, there are products that can conceal and help fill in these balding spots, whether it is on the crown of the head, sides, or by the part. A quick and cheap alternative to other numerous methods, using hair powders is a great option in getting back the old you.  

How Hair Powders Work:

Hair powder products are often made of natural or synthetic fibers, and some consist of keratin, which is a fibrous protein that organically occurs in the construction of our hair. A good quality product will most likely utilize keratin in its powder formula and avoid the use of synthetic or artificial ingredients.

A good hair powder is going to cost more because, in order to be effective, it must use the best ingredients available. Keratin is one of the best ingredients to look for in a hair powder because it naturally helps build our hair anyway. However, products that use keratin are going to cost more than those that do not.

The product is then sprinkled and applied to areas of the scalp where the hair is thinning. The fibers in the powder will then cling to the thinning or balding hair, binding the powder and hair together. Of course, it is important to note that powders are a temporary solution to hair thinning and balding, the fibers that bond with the hair simply add volume and do not grow hair.

How Do You Apply Hair Powders?

hair powders by Best Tape Extensions

Hair powders differ in the application process. Some powders are water activated and the hair is required to be gently patted down with a moist sponge. Other powders can be applied directly to dry hair. For some men and women using hair powders on wet hair, the hair may have a chalky appearance. If this is the case, simply try the powder on dry hair.

For best results with a hair powder product, use hairspray after it is applied to ensure that the product stays in place. Most powders are resistant to wind, harsh sunlight, and other elements, but it doesn’t hurt to spray a little bit of holder just to make sure.

Hair powders are a great temporary fix that can be applied in just a matter of minutes. They are also a cheaper alternative to other methods, such as hair plugs or expensive toupees and wigs. As you select a hair powder, be sure to get the color matched to your natural hair. Choose ingredients that are natural over those that contain an artificial formula. And when in doubt, select a hair powder that is a known brand or one that has received high reviews on an unbiased site. Opting for hair powders is a big step toward getting back your confidence that recent hair thinning or balding has deprived you.

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