Hair Toppers. The Ultimate Solution To Your Bald Spot!

Dec 17 , 2018

black hair topper untrimmedPartial hair loss is also a common issue for women in their later years, for example having very little hair volume left in the top of their heads so that the scalp becomes exposed. In many cases, this is simply due to genetics and cannot be avoided. Hair toppers can fix that!

However, it does not mean that women have to simply live with hair loss. There are products out there that can cover up these bald spots and give women the full body of hair like in their younger years. These are called hair toppers, but may also be called a wiglet, hair enhancer, or hairpiece. Wiglet was a popular term for these products because they are smaller versions.

What Are Hair Toppers?

Hair toppers are, like wigs, designed to make up for any brown hair topper untrimmedhair loss or thinning. Hair coverage may vary as well, depending on where the thinning of the hair occurs but the main purpose is to recover the volume of hair in this area. Beyond that, there are also wiglets that work as volume enhancers. This means there are no bald spots but certain parts of the hair are significantly thinner and adding volume helps to improve the look.

There are also various ways of attaching these hair toppers, including clip ins. These ways allow the hair topper to blend in seamlessly with existing hair, so long as they are applied properly.

One of the things to remember about hair toppers is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Each wiglet is designed specifically for the customer depending on their needs and where they need thicker hair. The amount of coverage is also determined based on the requirements of the buyer.

This means every product is made after consultation, and it suits only a particular client. Even the hair length, type, and color are considered in manufacturing the hair topper. Because of this, you are sure that you will get the volume you desire in the part of the head where you need it. And thanks to the seamless application, the end result is a full, thick head of hair that does not look enhanced at all.

It is also possible to wear more than one hairpiece to cover more than one bald spot. This is, in fact, why they make a great alternative to a full wig.

Who Needs A Hair Topper?

If you are experiencing hair loss or baldness in one or several spots, then you are a good candidate for a hair topper. A good tip is to get advice from your stylist or hairdresser, or you may also refer to someone who designs hair toppers. This is the best step to get your hair analyzed and in return, you will get a recommendation as to what kind of product suits you best. Because there are many reasons for hair loss, there are quite a few women who require this solution.

Take note that you can also get a hair topper if you are unhappy with the volume of your hair, especially if some parts are thinner than the rest. The goal is to have evenly full and thick hair, using toppers that blend in seamlessly if needed.

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