Dec 17 , 2018

When it comes to hair care, salon products and drugstore products are always in a battle as to which are better for your hair. While different kinds of hair have different needs, there are still general differences between salon and drugstore products. Knowing these will be able to help you decide which products to buy and where to get them.  

  1. Cost and convenience

  There is no denying that drugstore products are much cheaper when compared to their salon counterpart. A single bottle of shampoo can be a lot of dollars away compared to a salon's shampoo. They are very convenient too. Unlike salon products, drugstore finds are easy to buy because they can be found in any grocery or convenience store.  

But why are drugstore products much cheaper? This is because they contain only small amounts of the needed nutrients that actually make hair healthier and stronger. Compare this to a salon product. Salon products have higher amounts of nutrients which is why they are more expensive. Moreover, salon products are more concentrated than the ones found in drugstores so you use less of the product. If you do the math, it would end up that you will just be spending the same amount. The plus for salon products is that they have more nutrients.  

  1. Ingredients

  Most of the time, no one checks the ingredients. The only people that consistently do are those who have allergies to certain ingredients. But not knowing what's inside and how much is inside our shampoos and conditioners can actually lead to major damage to your hair. Here are a few ingredients to look out for.  

Alcohol - If you want to have healthy hair, alcohol should be out of the way. While some products need alcohol, having a huge dose of them will only make your hair dry. Sure, it makes it feel smooth but other than that there is not much alcohol can do for you.  

Water - When your hair product has a lot of shampoo, this only means that the product is diluted. When it is diluted, you don't get much of the ingredients in amounts your hair needs. In return, you would have to use more and buy more which will damage both your hair and wallet.  

Sulfates - Some people look out for this specific ingredient because they are allergic. Sulfates have different kinds but their primary use for hair products is that they lather well. However, they make your hair dry and coarse. It also damages colored hair. Drugstore products make use of a cheap kind of sulfate that is not healthy for your hair. On the other hand, salon products make use of the milder kind of sulfate which is enough to make a good lather when you wash.  

  1. Effect on the hair
  At the end of the day, it is not where you bought them, but it is how your hair responds to the products you apply. However, if you would rather choose, salon products have a higher concentration of ingredients so rest assured that they have what your hair needs. But if you are going for convenience (since cost is just the same with salon products), then drugstore products would be a good choice.

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