Dec 17 , 2018

Hair extensions allow people to regain a full head of hair if they are experiencing hair loss or thinning. It is even an option for people who just want to achieve more body or have highlights without using any chemicals or hair dyes. However, there are quite a few extension methods to choose from, differing on how they are made to how they are attached to the head.  

Of these methods, the traditionally sewn weft is one of the most popular because it is relatively inexpensive compared to other ways of putting hair extensions. On the other hand, skin weft is one of the newest methods that is becoming more and more popular. If you are choosing between these 2 options, here are their pros and cons.

Traditional Sewn Weft  

This is also called a weave and has been popular for years as a semi-permanent way of attaching hair extensions. It is generally affordable, though more expensive extensions do exist and some stylists might charge more than others.  

A weave is ideal for those with coarse or thick hair, as these existing strands will be braided so that there is a base for the hair extensions to be attached. The wefts (or hair extensions) will then be sewn to the braids with a thread and needle.  

The main advantage is that there is no heat or glue needed to apply this type of extension. It is also a good option for those who have allergies to silicones or metals because none of these materials will be used.  

On the other hand, the application of a traditionally sewn weft can take hours. It might also cause discomfort and headaches after applying it. It also requires quite a bit of care because if they are not washed regularly, it might lead to bacteria build-up and even infections. Moreover, it might lead to accelerated hair thinning and it is not as easy to style.  

When it comes to maintenance, washing hair regularly is important, following your usual hair care routine. But watch out for over styling, because it might loosen the braids.  

Skin Weft  

This new trend in applying hair extensions is quite exciting as it reduces the application time significantly. Instead of weaving the wefts into existing hair, they are simply applied using single-sided or double-sided polyurethane tape. While the traditionally sewn weft is normally used for those with thicker hair, skin wefts are great for those with hair thinning issues. This way, they can add volume that still looks and feels natural.  

The biggest advantage is the fast application time, ranging from about 20 minutes to 1 hour. They are also quite undetectable and flat, as opposed to possible lumps with traditionally sewn wefts. It is also considered to be safe, causing almost no damage to existing hair because the weight is distributed over a bigger area. Lastly, it is reusable and every application will last around 6 to 8 weeks.  

To maintain it, you are not allowed to wash your hair or sweat a lot for 1-2 days after application. The use of silicone- or oil-based products on the tape is also not recommended, as it might lead to the panels slipping. To keep it looking great, brush your hair every day from the roots to the tips. You may also style your hair normally.  

The advantage of improving technology is that newer, better methods are always being discovered like with skin wefts. Therefore, you reap more benefits and are less at risk. If you are looking to add hair extensions soon, you might consider trying them out for a better experience.

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