Clip-In Hair Extensions and Steps on How to Put Them On

Dec 17 , 2018

Clip-on hair extensions, or clip-ins, are the most popular type of hair extensions in the beauty industry for a lot of reasons. One is that they are the least permanent. Meaning, you can clip them on and then remove them right away if you don't feel like wearing hair extensions. You can literally have longer hair today and short hair tomorrow! Another reason why clip-on hair extensions are the best is that they are so easy to use. 

How Do You Put on Clip-In Hair Extensions?

clip-in hair extensionsCompared to other extensions that require glue and heat for them to be attached, clip-on hair extensions have snaps at the edge of the strands. The strands are in a straight line and at the tip, it has several snaps sewn unto them.

When putting this kind of extensions, set aside at least 5 minutes (if you're used to it) or 15 minutes for beginners. Also prepare all the clip-in extensions you will use, a paddle brush, a clip, and of course, a mirror to use as a guide.

Step 1: Brush your hair.

Before you even part your hair and attach the clip-ins, start by brushing all your hair with a paddle brush. This will ensure that there are few to no tangles on your hair so it's easy to attach the extensions. Don't overdo brushing though, because you don't want your hair to break.

Step 2: Separate your hair with a clip.


It will be a lot easier and faster if you clip the rest of your hair up before attaching the hair extensions. After brushing your hair, part it in one big chunk, leaving the lowermost portion of your hair down. The hair that you left should all be in a line (doesn't have to be a straight line) so you can attach the clip-ins in the same length.

Step 3: Attach the clip-ins.

This part will take most of your time because you'll be attaching the hair extensions already. As a rule of thumb, always start from the lowermost portion of your scalp as you work your way up to the top of your scalp.

So to clip the extensions on, simply brush your hair with a paddle brush, and measure the line of the hair extensions to your own scalp. It should fit perfectly so there isn't any excess jutting out at the back of your ears. Once you know where to put it, attach the middle clip onto the roots of your hair and work your way to the sides. For a better base for the clips, slightly tease your natural hair at the roots.

Once you are done with this section, take another section of your hair right above the bottom part and brush it to remove the tangles. Again, they should all be in the same line. Repeat the steps in clipping them onto your roots until you're satisfied with the hair extensions you have on.

If this is your first time using clip-on hair extensions, then you shouldn't feel bad if you take more than 15 minutes. It feels complicated at first, but a little more practice and it will feel so easy and quick to do. Shop with us today and get the look you've always wanted!














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