Are Hair Extensions Clean?

Dec 17 , 2018

Hair extensions are the key to that extra style, volume, and flair for your new look. There are so many advantages to using hair extensions—cutting out the salon costs with the ability to apply them yourself, a tailored and unique look, and customized colors for any occasion, but you likely find yourself wondering, with so many positives, are extensions clean?

There’s no need to worry about the cleanliness of your hair extensions because the answer is yes, they are clean and you can maintain their integrity with a few simple steps.

How to Upkeep Your Hair Extensions in Four Easy Steps:

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Step 1: Grab a Brush

Before jumping into the shower or turning on your sink, you will need to brush your extensions. Grab your hairbrush and with gentle, careful strokes, work any knots or tangles out of the extensions. The best brush for the job is a wide-tooth comb, which is not too aggressive that it tugs and pull out the extensions, but effective in straightening out any gnarls.

Step 2: Ready…Set…

Gather the items needed to clean your extensions. Lukewarm water in combination with appropriate shampoo (it is recommended that the shampoo’s formula does not include harsh ingredients) are the tools you need to properly clean your extensions—and of course, a good sized sink.

Step 3: Go!

This is a delicate process, so take your time in separating, lathering shampoo, and applying conditioner to each weft. Using lukewarm water, work in your chosen products into each section of wefts. Rinse each weft thoroughly when you are finished.

Step 4: Time to Dry

To maintain the lifespan of your hair extensions, it is recommended that you allow the wet extensions to air dry, whether you have clip ons or tape wefts, as applying heat can cause further damage to them. When the hair is completely dry, use that same wide tooth comb to straighten out any tangles that may have occurred during the washing process.

Many extensions are ready to be worn right away, meaning you don’t have to wash them before use. Extensions are made from either natural or synthetic hairs, and this production is up to par with the latest technology and regulations. Have no fear about the cleanliness of your hair extensions, they are just like your natural hair, except they will only need to be washed when they get some build up, making the extensions harder to style and manage.

In order to keep your extensions looking their best, here are a few tips to keep in mind for their day-to-day care:

-Nourish your extensions by using conditioner when you wash them.

-Prevent fizzing and tangles by utilizing products designed to eliminate these issues, like hair oils.

-Don’t use a blow dryer to dry your extensions.

-For clip extensions, the actual clip can be washed in the same manner, or you can apply a Q-tip or cotton ball and gently dab the clip.

Keep these tips in mind for your hair extensions, and you will find that they will last you a few months and numerous times.

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